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I have self-management skills to use my time reasonably and harmoniously between high-pressure projects and my family, entertainment, complete the assigned kpi, because I know, time is very important.

Quotes of View

“The future depends on what you do today.” — Mahatma Gandhi. I clearly understand that, that's why I dedicate and focus on working to the best of my ability every day, for myself and the work that I am undertaking.

Communication Skills

I am learning and developing communication skills where English is a key advantage that opens up many learning and business cooperation opportunities. I also have the ability to handle problems in communication to keep the relationship harmonious, but I also have my own boundaries to not get over it. I have my own territory that cannot be compromised.


My concept of making money is "The more people you serve, the more money you will make", that's what I'm aiming for. When I help others earn money, I also made money in this process.

Feedback and suggestions

I will actively comment, give contributions to things that I see fit (personally point) or need to change in the project or in the workflow. For me, the better the company becomes, the more I will benefit.

Learning and attitude

I am always curious and want to learn new things, focus on deepening knowledge related to my work, or be assigned new tasks and challenges. For me, knowledge is endless, so I will always learn when I've a chance.

Hi there!

  • About Me

    My name's Vuong. I am very interested and passionate about programming, so I have been self-taught and developed over the years. I have had many opportunities to interact and work with many projects. And now I am developing my own Content Management System (iSPA CMS) project. I will make this project public for free so more people can learn and use it in their community projects.

  • Working style

    Serious, confident, funny, meticulous, I always have high expectations of myself in terms of product quality. I have lots of dreams, one of those is to create beautiful sites - in both quality and utility. For sure nobody’s perfect - I am not good at everything too but what I focus on must give the best results.

  • Contribution

    I love my job, that is also the motivation for me to pursue such a challenging programming path alone. And I understand that self-learning programming is interesting despite many obstacles, but I have learned a lot from the community, so I spend my free time creating projects, aiming contribute back to the programming community. And this is also how I improve my problem-solving skills.